Thank You

I have had a few powerful experiences over the last week and a half I'd like to reflect on. went live Sunday, January 28th. By Tuesday the amount of support I was receiving had me in tears. I woke up Monday morning to my first order and cannot begin to describe the elation, the gratitude, and the sense of fulfillment that overwhelmed me.
I didn't even really think anybody had noticed I was working on something, let alone cared. "You didn't have to do that," and overexpressing, "thank you so much," were things I initially wanted to say but was reminded that I was loved, that it was ok, and that I'll always have their support. I continue to grow more confident in my abilities, this cause, and my ambitions for this brand, which is a gift I'll never be able to fully show my appreciation for.
Some of you know that this has been a dream of mine my entire life, the rest of you are just incredibly kind people I suppose. What I hope you all understand is that however you supported me it was no a small act. I will never forget how you've enabled me to feel. You cannot calculate the value of a sense of validation, acceptance, praise.
To the few of you in my closest circle who I quite literally would not have been able to accomplish this without, I am not sure what I have done to deserve your love and support but it is not taken lightly and I cherish all of your efforts. Your continued support truly means the world to me.
This has been a vulnerable and humbling experience, but I emerge from it empowered, capable, and confident. So... here is to not letting the fire die!
Thank you,

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